Saturday, September 2, 2006

Bumber-blog: Saturday part two

Just got back to the press tent after Blondie...and if you were tough enough to brave the sweaty masses and the intense sun, you were treated to a run through of some of Blondie's best. Debbie sounded great, and the band were in top form. New wave and pop enthusiasts couldnn't stop jumping up and down as they tore through "Call Me", "Hanging on the Telephone", "Atomic", and "The Tide is High". Much to my delight, Debbie introduced a cover of Roxy Music's "More Than This", which sounded fantastic and it should! Her voice was amazing throughout "Maria" as well.

But the happiest surprise of the day for me so far has been The Gossip. Hailing from Portland, and representing the "queers" (as adorable and amazing lead singer Beth Ditto put it)- this band really blew everyone away. Most people of course were gathered to see Blondie, but everyone warmed up to The Gossip immediately. I've heard much about this band but never had a chance to see them. Singer Beth Ditto is such a charmer- very charismatic and funny as well. They're very new wave with SOUL...that girl can really belt out a song. I can't wait to go pick up their newest record- Standing In The Way of Control.

If you're headed to Bumbershoot later on- don't miss the Epoxies, and later, Badly Drawn Boy on the Backyard Stage.

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