Thursday, September 7, 2006


Brian Travis, running for senator of the 46th legislative district, received a zero rating from SEAMEC (Seattle Metropolitan Elections Committee) after filling out a written questionnaire and rudely declining an in-person interview.

SEAMEC's ratings, which run from 0-5, grade candidates based on their attitudes, awareness, and activism regarding LGBT issues. A rating of 5 indicates a candidate who demonstrates leadership, while a 0 is given to those who appear outright hostile.

Travis' ratings were determined solely from his handwritten response to SEAMEC's written questionnaire. Throughout the five-page questionnaire, Travis repeatedly indicated his lack of knowledge and support for LGBT issues. In response to a question regarding what actions he had taken to support the LGBT community, he wrote, "I pray for you". When asked if he identified as LGBT, Travis wrote into the margins, "Thankfully I'm normal". Travis awarded himself an A on his sentiment/sympathy towards LGBT issues and then scribbled: "I have much sympathy for you poor misguided people."

According to Travis' website,, if elected he will "Help give our newest citizens a fair start by requiring mandatory state funded English immersion classes for all new immigrants and make English the official language of Washington State. Thereby requiring all official state business to be conducted in English only after 2012, giving citizens five years to learn the language."

The site requests viewers share their issues via his e-mail address,

Travis is running against democratic incumbent Ken Jacobson, who has held the position since 1997.

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