Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Stranger editor slams innocent

The Stranger's Dan Savage slammed Washington Won't Discriminate's choice for its campaign manager on The Stranger blog this week. Later, he admits to confusing her with someone else.

Apparently I got Lorrie McKay, who didn't work on I-677, mixed up with Laurie Jinkins, who did. McKay, who was just hired by Washington Won't Discriminate to run their campaign, left HOW before I-677 went down; according to Tina Podlowdowski, McKay opposed HOW's efforts to put an initiative on the ballot. I apologize for slapping up a post slamming WWD for hiring McKay without getting my Lorries/Lauries straight.

Sandeep Kaushik, a former political writer for the The Stranger, came to McKay's defense:

I know Lorrie well from working with her in the King County Exec's office -- she just left on Friday to run the anti-Eyman campaign -- and I just want to elaborate upon what some others have posted: Lorrie is smart and experienced, with good political instincts. I think she was a smart choice for what will almost certainly be a difficult gig, and I expect she will do an excellent job.

Several others felt the need to rub Savage's nose in his own stink, including former City Councilmember Tina Podlodowski.

I respect your opinion but please do some fact checking. Lorrie was a part of HOW when I was the Staff Director there, and she was the Statewide Field Director. I left in early 1994, and Lorrie shortly thereafter.

Lorrie is taking on a tough job - and the campaign can use all the help it can get. Best great if you would consider doing that, instead of this rant.

I would be negligentent in my duties if failed to mention that there was a terse exchange between Savage and the Seattle Gay New's publisher George Bakan.

Who needs Jerry Springer when life plays out these real-life dramas.

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