Saturday, April 1, 2006

Murray seeks Senate seat

State Rep. Ed Murray announced on Saturday, April 1, that he will be seeking the 43rd District Senate seat, which includes Capitol Hill, the University District, Wallingford and Freemont.

"I am announcing my candidacy today for the state Senate," he said. "Michael and I will need your help and your friendship over the next few months. ... With your help, we can win this election...not only for yourself, but for future generations."

Murray is looking to unseat Senator Pat Thibaudeau, who is seeking a fourth Senate term. While he never mentioned Thibaudeau by name, he thanked the incumbent for her hard work in the Senate.

"I am not running to oppose any candidate," he said. "This election is about the urgency of now. ... These are not ordinary times."

Murray laid out his campaign themes: immigration, healthcare, marriage equality and the quality of life in the 43rd district.

Former Gov. Booth Gardner will chair Murray's campaign committee. It was also announced Saturday that King County Executive Ron Sims had endorsed Murray.

State Rep. Joe McDermott was there for the announcment. Dick Kelley, Stephanie Pure and Bill Sherman -- three of the candidates looking to take Murray's open House seat -- where also present.

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