Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Madonna Conquers San Jose!

Madonna Conquers San Jose

By the time the Madonna concert was over I think I was more exhausted from watching the show than anyone in it, including the unstoppable Material Girl. In what is her most audience-friendly tour ever she wowed the crowd over and over, running from the middle of the arena, across the catwalk to center stage, then off to either side of the jutting side stages to the people in the stands. Everyone was offered a glimpse, and from the stage design that people saw before the show, they knew it before it even happened.

The energy was high just entering the parking lot. From drag queens dressed from every era of her career, to old school Madonna wannabees, the excitement started building before you even entered the arena. Once in, the fans ate up the merchandise at the various stands and entered into the dimly lit, purpley hazed arena. The show of course started 45 minutes late, and the tension was through the roof. Fans in 20 rows back and further discovered that the catwalk extended right out to them, and fans in the stands saw the side catwalks extending to them. The most famous diva in the world was going to be dancing right in front of them. Screams shot out randomly and even some tears were shed when fans saw how close they were to the catwalk. It might sound crazy, but Madonna fans have stuck with her for over 20 years now, so it was no surprise emotions were high.

I cannot wait to give you all the details in next weeks review of the show. Needless to say it was one of the most amazing performances I have ever seen live. After the show, some of the fans hit Splash, the only gay club in San Jose. Surprisingly it was a little bit of a quiet night. I think most people were spent after such a high energy show. After a drink we hit Original Joes Bar and Grill, where many of the shows crew were dining for some late night grub. Of course we were all on the lookout for some of Madonnas dancers, but none showed up.

There are still shows left, and if you are contemplating a trip to see her do what you can to get there. Check out my show review in the June 9th issue!

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