Thursday, November 9, 2006

Rock star tells Seattle Gay News he's cool with gay marriage

Seattle Gay News is proud to feature an exclusive interview with Daryl Palumbo of the rock band Head Automatica in our upcoming November 10 issue.

Palumbo, the punk-pop quintet's lead vocalist, tells Seattle Gay News in the interview that he approves of gay marriage. "If you're gay and you're in love with a man, who the fuck am I to tell you that you can't marry him? If I fell in love with a boy, I'd fucking marry him!", states Palumbo.

Further on, Palumbo admits to have plenty of gay friends who've taken the opportunity to hit on him, yet none have been successful in their quest. Palumbo, and his fellow band mates remain straight. However, that didn't stop Head Automatica from including a gay scene in their music video for the single "Graduation Day". Watch it here:

Pick up a copy of the Seattle Gay News tomorrow evening at various Seattle metro locations, including major college campuses, or log onto our website on Sunday afternoon for the complete edition, and read the entire interview with Head Automatica's Daryl Palumbo in "The Music Lounge" column.

Support a band who supports our community by purchasing a copy of Head Automatica's Popaganda, featuring "Graduation Day" and "Nowhere Fast", and if you live in Seattle, get tickets to see Head Automatica live at The Fenix on Sunday, November 19. They'll perform as part of MTV2's "$2 Bill Series" with 30 Seconds to Mars, fronted by actor Jared Leto. Ticket information is available here:

Photo of Head Automatica, courtesy of Warner Bros. Records.

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