Sunday, February 25, 2007

Oscar Watch: They're he-ee-ee-re!

They're covering the red carpet on E!, so I guess the Oscars have officially begun. I'm not sure the tele-strater (tellustrator? tellestrater? the play-by-play doohickey) is a great idea, as they seem to be consumed with Ryan Seacrest's water bottle, but we'll see how it goes as the carpet gets more crowded.

By now you've reviewed my predictions from Friday's print edition of the SGN ( I'm at home with a cold, courtesy of my 19-month-old niece, so I get to watch the carpet in my pajamas, instead of at my usual Oscars party. Where are you watching from? What do you think about Maggie Gyllenhaal's dress? What are your predictions? Ooh! Gael Garcia Bernal is so pretty! Post your comments here as it goes, and I'll be back as the evening progresses. And I'll eat crow when my predictions fall apart.

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