Monday, April 30, 2007

SGN Pride Update

From this weeks SGN:

The latest: Downtown parade and Capitol Hill parade/march and festival

by Robert Raketty
SGN Staff Writer

In a series of press releases beginning on Saturday, April 21, Seattle Out and Proud (SOAP), organizers of the Seattle Pride Parade and Festival in 2006, announced plans to cancel their events and declare bankruptcy. On Tuesday, April 24, the group changed course and, in a very surprising change of direction, announced that they will move ahead to organize a parade along Fourth Avenue on Sunday, June 24, but, unlike in many years past, no festival will be held at the end of the proposed parade.

Troy Campbell, a SOAP board member and current media spokesperson, said the group did an about-face after having a closed-door meeting of the board on Tuesday evening in Seattle's Belltown neighborhood. "The board had not met [about declaring bankruptcy] and there were still options available. Those needed to be discussed," he said. "We needed to collectively meet. The press release that went out earlier was done prematurely."


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