Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dierks Bentley double-shot coming up

Seattle Gay News is serving up a double-shot of Dierks Bentley this weekend, two back-to-back exclusives from Seattle and Los Angeles.

Yesterday afternoon, I was among a select group of invite-only guests who attended the country star's intimate show at Qwest Field's FSN Lounge. And this evening, I was in the crowd as the multi Grammy nominee performed on Jimmy Kimmel's outdoor stage. In fact, after an 80-plus-degree day here, shuttling to the El Capitain Theatre (across the street from the Kodak Theatre, home of the Oscars), and gulping down a much needed In & Out burger, I'm rather pooped and going to bed to save my energy for tomorrow night and for Saturday when I meet up with Matt Costa.

In tomorrow's print issue of Seattle Gay News, look for a review of Bentley's VIP performance and check back here on Saturday for a mini blog review of his appearance on Kimmel.

Lastly, you must fly Virgin America when visiting the LA area because they've got the best entertainment system of any airline - it's like traveling with a jukebox and portable TV. And, when in West Hollywood, stay at Le Montrose - tucked into a quiet residential area, blocks from all the gay action, and popular with many celebs.

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