Saturday, August 30, 2008

Bumbershoot 2008: Band of Horses, Beck reviews coming late tonight

It's Albert from Seattle Gay News, at Seattle Center where the sunshine has brought throngs of festivalgoers to the start of Bumbershoot.

Everyone looks excited to be here, and mostly everyone is very anxious to see Beck tonight. I've no idea if he's actually in the building, as we say, but I was tipped from his record label earlier this week that the celebrated pop-rocker might be stopping by a radio station before coming to the festival.

I'm actually going to stand by the press gate on the backside of Memorial Stadium just before 6, and then run down to secure a front row spot for Band of Horses (pictured on this page) and Beck. Unfortunately, this means I won't blog until late tonight when I review both artists from home.

I believe the line has already started to form for tonight's big show with main stage gates opening at 6pm. Band of Horses go on at 7:30pm, followed by Beck at 9:15pm. Beck is scheduled to play at 90-minute set.

Lots of people, lots of independent performers throughtout the Seattle Center grounds playing their instruments, a portable skate park, carnival-type food, and great tunes all around. It's all happening at Bumbershoot.
I'm off to watch a bit of Fall of Troy before changing into my Beck tee-shirt and heading to Memorial Stadium for you-know-who. Look for a review late, late tonight or very early morning.

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