Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Seattle Gay News announces Best Films of 2008

Seattle Gay News is pleased to reveal its choices for the Best of Film 2008. Film writers Sara Michelle Fetters and Scott Rice published individual lists in back to back issues, December 26 and January 2. Below are their top ten selections. Visit to read blurbs on each of these films and to find out Sara's and Scott's picks for the year's worst.

Sara Michelle Fetter's Top 10

1 Wall-E
2 The Edge of Heaven
3 The Dark Knight
4 (tie) I've Loved You So Long
Rachel Getting Married
5 The Wrestler
6 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days
7 The Visitor
8 Man on Wire
9 Tropic Thunder
10 Wendy and Lucy

Scott Rice's Top 10

1 The Dark Knight
2 Encounters at the End of the World
3 Full Bottle Throttle
5 Let the Right One In
6 Mamma Mia!
7 Mongol
8 Paranoid Park
9 The Pool
10 Slumdog Millionaire

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