Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lady GaGa talks to Seattle Gay News on March 13

The hottest artists talk to Seattle Gay News - and this means, of course, a chat with music's hottest new diva Lady GaGa.

Since mid-summer of 2008, the dance-pop star has been on an international roll with her everlasting single "Just Dance" and its follow-up, "Poker Face". A Grammy nomination, current top ten Billboard album and sold out concerts in every city, including her upcoming show in Seattle on March 16, have incredibly boosted the radar status on this dynamite recording artist and live performer.

Her gay fans love her, and we're happy to share this brief-yet-cute exclusive with them. Our interview with Lady GaGa prints on Friday, March 13.


Oren Kaplan said...
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Oren Kaplan said...

Have you guys seen the episode of Fear Factor hosted by Lady Gaga? Ridiculous: