Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Seattle Gay News attending the B-52's show

It's Albert at Seattle Gay News, excited about this evening's performance by the B-52's at Woodland Park Zoo.

The concert will take place, rain or shine - and I expect the overcast clouds to clear by this afternoon, often the case in June here in Seattle. The show is sold out, so you'll have to find any loose tickets on your own.

I'm told the B-52's will hop on stage at 6:50pm, and because of the Phinney neighborhood's noise ordinance, the concert needs to be completed by 9pm. Line-up to get into the show begins at 4pm, opening act is the 88's.

If you haven't yet been to a show at the Zoo, I recommend the following:

1 Ride the bus. Parking is limited and because the Zoo is in a residential area, post-concert traffic will be a mess. Take the #5 bus from downtown Seattle instead. You can also walk to the East side of the Zoo and catch the #358 on Aurora Ave./Int. 99.

2 Bring your own food. You're not allowed to bring alcohol into the grounds, but outside food is permitted - and with the long waits and only a few vendors, I suggest stopping at a grocery store or your favorite take-out place and bringing it in with you.

3 Warm clothes and blanket. Because the concert area is surrounded by giant trees and sunken deep into the Zoo grounds, the temperature will drop significantly no matter how hot it gets today. Come prepared with adequate clothing and a blanket, if you plan to sit on the lawn.

4 Can we dance? I hope so, though I've never been to a pop concert at the Zoo - only folk or singer-songwriter performances. It's possible that in order to not obstruct the view of anyone, those near the front of the stage will have to find an alternate location (side of stage?) to shake their groove thing. My recommendation if you wanna dance: get there early and stake a spot as close to the stage as possible to give yourself maximum options.

5 Is beer and wine available for purchase? Yes, bring cash in the event cards are not accepted.

See you at the show tonight!

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