Thursday, May 24, 2012

Gossip interviews with Seattle Gay News

Gossip has never sounded this good.

And by Gossip, we're referring to the alternative rock band whose hit single "Heavy Cross" wails in the background of the J'adore Dior's TV commercial as Charlize Theron comes strutting down the runway.

The group, rooted in the Northwest, returns to the music scene with a new album, A Joyful Noise (in stores now), and single "Perfect World".  Watch the video for "Perfect World" here:

Hannah Billie, drummer of Gossip, spoke with Seattle Gay News this week from New York City, where the band celebrated the release of A Joyful Noise.  In the interview, Billie reminisces about her days in Seattle (her former home), reflects upon her love for Donna Summer, and tells us what fellow touring partner Busta Rhymes (of all people) was really like off-stage.

Look for the interview with Hannah Billie of Gossip in tomorrow's print edition (May 25 issue) of the Seattle Gay News, or online at this weekend.

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