Wednesday, December 21, 2005

SGN presents "Hedwig" party on New Year's Eve

The Seattle Gay News is pleased to present "Hedwig's New Year's Eve Glam Rock Circus" at The Crocodile Cafe on December 31. If you loved Re-Bar's stage production of 'Hedwig' from last year, then you'll really like this event because its main stars, Nick Garrison & Sissyfist (The Angry Inch), are scheduled to perform, along with Sara Rudinoff, The Buttrock Suites and Ziggy Stardust. Many off-the-wall surprises are expected at this unique, musical year-end treat.

Tickets, priced at $20, are available at or at The Crocodile Cafe box office. For something wildly entertaining this New Year's Eve, we recommend a little 'Hedwig'.

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