Sunday, September 3, 2006

Bumber-blog: Sunday

It's just after 11:00 am at Bumbershoot: the gates have just opened and, boy, today is gonna be a HOT one! Hopefully a little less hot -- weather-wise -- than yesterday, but no less hot musically. Hee hee. There is absolutely no free street parking left, and the pay lots are starting to fill up. If you're coming (and you know you are) then I reccommend taking Metro to Seattle Center. Not only is it easier to catch a bus, it's also way cheaper to park downtown. There's even a special service from Northgate Mall to B'shoot, every 20 minutes -- check out the details on the Bumbershoot website. But if you do take Metro please pack your patience. There are a lot of buses but right now it seems like there are even more people. Meanwhile, the lines to enter the veunue are gnarly, so they're sure to be heinous for mainstage show wristbands; I'd get my assets over here asap if you want to see Kanye West.

Otherwise, so far so good: there have been no announced changes to the schedule yet. I'll try to get back to let you know if something comes up. Right now my mission is to find a little shade, roll out my blanket and park it for a while. I don't want to schlep my stuff all over the Center in temps that could get as high as 88 -- or as comfy as 78, depending on which weather predictions you believe. Seattle's West Valley Highway kicks it off at the Mural Amphitheatre at 11:45 am with their brand of jazzy honky tonk; then I'm off to the Backyard Lawn to catch The Like at 2:00 pm. I'd better run if I want to grab anything to eat. The hordes (read that carefully, I said "hordes") are arriving!

Kanye West photo by Sarah Friedman, courtesy Def Jam Records; The Like photo by KT Auleta, courtesy Geffen Records.

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