Saturday, September 30, 2006

Scissor Sisters heat up San Francisco's Warfield Theater

It's Albert with the Seattle Gay News, coming to you live from the H Cafe on the corner of Sanchez and 17th, in San Francisco.

Those of you with tickets to either of Scissor Sisters' upcoming concerts at The Showbox are in for a wild, highly energetic good time. Trust me, I know. I was privileged to be given a ticket to the main floor pit for last night's performance at SF's famed Warfield Theater. The show is the first of back to back, sold out concerts by the gay-adored band.

Scissor Sisters played all of their big hits from both albums, 2004's self-titled debut and the just-released Ta-Dah, including "Take Your Mama", "Laura", "Mary" and "Kiss You Off". The new track "Everybody Wants the Same Thing" was dedicated to the rambunctious crowd and the city of San Francisco, where group members Baby Daddy and Ana Matronic now call home.

But it was Seattle native Jake Shears, sexy lead singer and songwriter, who stole the show with go go boy-like dance moves and a very in-shape body, squeezed nicely into a dark leather pants/jacket combo. For an encore, he slipped into a hooded one-piece glittery ensemble, and then tore it off to reveal a super-tight uniform similar to what amateur wrestlers wear.

Seattle has its work cut out from them, as the San Francisco audience last night was ECSTATIC from beginning to end. They never slowed down, dancing and singing and shaking everything the Lord gave them. Gay boys comprised most of the crowd, with partygoing straight girls coming in second. There was also a scattering of lesbians and straight couples. Together, they turned the Warfield Theater upside down! So if you got tickets to Monday or Tuesday night's shows in Seattle, get ready to let loose. And, don't forget your boas, costume gear and Pride trinkets.

"I Don't Feel Like Dancin'" was the first song performed during the encore. And it sounded three times as amazing as the CD version.

More on Scissor Sisters gay-la in San Francisco in next week's issue of the Seattle Gay News. When visiting this very hip, very gay city, choose to stay at The Mosser Hotel, fabulously located right in the heart of downtown and on the same square block as Old Navy, Ambercrombie & Fitch and Bloomingdales. It's a five minute streetcar ride on the F line to the Casto district, San Francisco's hopping gay sector. Visit for details.

Photo of Scissor Sisters, courtesy of Universal Music Group.

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