Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Live from Gay Whistler Ski Week - Tuesday

If you're headed up to Whistler or thinking about it, expect to see lots of hot guys up here. This aside from fresh snow, great ski conditions and incredibly beautiful weather.

I just left a hopping apres-ski social at Maxx Fish, where members of Seattle Ski Buddies are about to join a standing-room-only crowd in feasting their eyes on a group of go-go dancers. Cocktails and watching fit, half-dressed men dance in a bar after a day of skiing and snowboarding? Works for me! Although, I'm headed to the tube park for a bit of evening snow intertubing with a friend from SoCal. A late night party is scheduled at Buffalo Bills. There are snow-types here from all parts of the US, Canada and world.

Tomorrow's agenda includes a naked ski run, beginning at 1:00 pm. Talk about poles! There's also on and off-mountain lunches planned, an apres-ski social at Bear Foot Bistro and a masque/rave late night party at Maxx Fish. Besides snow-type stuff, you can check out a rock climbing gym, have coffee and dig into good reading material at various coffee shops and bakeries, or find a place in the village to cruise the sexy skiiers and snowboarders. That's a sport all its own.

I had a fantastic massage today at the lesbian-owned Solarice spa, and I can't believe I'm following that up with intertubing down a mountain. But, you gotta have fun! So if you're headed up here or want to, visit www.gaywhistler.com for updates and details on this week's event. I'm at Whistler through tomorrow, then headed back to Vancouver to rest my tired self. Accomodation recommendations in Vancouver are the Opus Hotel (www.opushotel.com) or the Sandman Suites on Davie (www.sandmanhotels.com), and at Whistler I suggest the Adara Hotel (www.adarahotel.com) or the Pan Pacific Whistler Village Centre (www.whistlervc.panpacific.com).

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