Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Oscars Central: Documentary nominee at NW Film Forum Feb 24 - Mar 2

Darwin's Nightmare, Oscar-nominated for best documentary feature, has its Seattle premiere at the Northwest Film Forum Friday, February 24 through Thursday, March 2. If you remember, my last Oscars Central blog gave the lowdown on nominees' theatrical and dvd release dates, and many of the feature documentaries and foreign flicks were conspicuously absent. Well, here's your chance!

NWFF provided a blurb on Darwin's Nightmare:

Feeling more like a sci-fi/horror film than a documentary, DARWIN'S NIGHTMARE is the tale of two relentless killing machines: the Nile Perch which, over the course of a few decades, ate through everything that used to live in Tanzania's Lake Victoria; and the foreign capitalists who introduced that non-native fish in order to sell it to European consumers. Losing out to both of these were the local Tanzanians who once lived off the lake's bounty, and now, literally, are left with bones and rotting carcasses. Ex-Soviet cargo planes come daily to collect the latest catch in exchange for their incoming cargo of Kalashnikovs and ammunitions for the uncounted wars of Africa. This booming multinational industry of food and weapons has created an ungodly globalized alliance on the shores of the world's biggest tropical lake: an army of young fishermen, Indian factory owners, African ministers, EU-commissioners, Russian pilots and Tanzanian prostitutes.

The film will be playing at 7:00 and 9:00 pm each night. NW Film Forum is located at 1515 12th Avenue. To purchase tickets online or for more info visit their website at

Photo courtesy Northwest Film Forum

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