Friday, February 17, 2006

Oscars Central: Catch 'em while you can!

A few weeks back I told y'all when the nominated films were coming out on DVD. Here's a reminder:

Howl's Moving Castle This Hiyao Miyazaki gem is back in Seattle at the Crest. Just goes to show how some films can return to the big screen, where they belong, just in time for a reminder about why they should win ... oops, I think we'll cover that in one of my predictions blogs. If you don't catch Howl here, you'll have to wait until March 7th to see it on DVD.

North Country comes to DVD next week Tuesday, February 21st.

As reported in Oscars Central last week, documentary nominee Darwin's Nightmare has its Seattle premier at the Northwest Film Forum starting next Friday, February 24th, and plays through March 2nd.

It's looking like Landmark's Varsity Theatre will be featuring the 2005 Academy Award Nominated Short Films, also beginning Friday the 24th. This is a great opportunity to see flicks that otherwise won't make the rounds ... although they might come back through at Bumbershoot's One Reel Festival of short films. But don't hold your breath.

Pride and Prejudice is also playing at the Crest. Why is this surprising? Because it's been in theaters since November and it comes out on DVD on February 28th.

Foreign Film Nominees Most of the foreign films will be showing up at a Landmark Theatre soon: Don't Tell (Italy), Joyeux Noel (France), Sophie Scholl: The Final Days (Germany) and Tsotsi (South Africa) are all listed on Landmark's Coming Soon page. Palestine's Paradise Now made the Landmark rounds back in November; it arrives on DVD March 21.

Remember: Keep checking back for my educated Oscars guesses, and pick up a print copy of the March 3rd Seattle Gay News for my preductions in the major categories.

Howl's Moving Castle photo courtesy of Studio Ghibli/Disney Pictures

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