Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Hey there! Ron Anders, here -- reporting from Provincetown, Massachusetts for the Seattle Gay News. (I included the state because many people think I mean Providence, Rhode Island!) The sun is out, as are the guys in tank tops – after a few days of clouds that made me think I was back in Seattle.

This is my favorite gay place in the world. Provincetown is combination of bright seascapes, the lure of (safe) sex, shopping, great food – and endless walking, whether it’s on Commercial Street (the main drag) or on the beaches/dunes that surround the town. I haven’t been here in 20 (!) years, but I’m glad to say that it still feels the same: friendly, flirtatious and infused with a particular kind of summer joy that is unique to this place.

I’m here to cover the Provincetown International Film Festival – which is celebrating its 10th year. The fest opens tomorrow with Filth and Wisdom, Madonna’s directorial debut, which has been getting very good buzz. Guests to be honored in the next few days (the fest lasts until June 22nd) include maverick director Quentin Tarantino and actor/dreamboat Gael Garcia Bernal (who I most fondly remember in Almodovar’s Bad Education, which is being featured in the festival).

Keep checking with me for updates on the festival – and of adventures in sun and sand……

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