Thursday, October 23, 2008

Against Me! interviews with Seattle Gay News

Cool rock bands? Love them. Hot lead singers in cool rock bands? Love them more.

Seattle Gay News is pleased to feature a one-on-one interview with Tom Gabel, sexy frontman of punk rock outfit Against Me! The Florida-based quartet's major label debut New Wave was named Best Album of 2007 by Spin magazine and produced two big singles, "Thrash Unreal" and "White People for Peace". They're currently on tour, arriving in Seattle on October 24 for a performance at The Showbox Market ( - their first appearance in the Jet City since last year's Capitol Hill Block Party.

Gabel, who launched his music career as a solo act, spoke to Seattle Gay News via email during a recent tour break in the Midwest. Find out what his favorite childhood Halloween costume was, the most common items lost on the road, and which tunes he'd spin at a party if he were the DJ.

Grab a copy of Seattle Gay News on October 24, or read it online over the weekend (click on "The Music Lounge" tab), and get a front row view of Against Me!'s Tom Gabel.

Photo by Ryan Russel for Warner Bros. Records (Gabel second from left).

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