Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hey All,

Made it to Vancouver without any unexpected surprises. We are staying at the posh, but understated Executive Vintage Hotel on Drake St. and Howe St. So far I feel nothing but pampered with my fabulous view and in-room jacuuzi. The fitness room is small but nice, and the hot tub is on the 9th floor deck with another great view.

I did a test run over to the BC Place Stadium in my car and found it to be about a mile. From Granville and Robson I would guess it to be a little less than a mile. I'm sure they have the streets well policed for an event but I have to say that I will probably walk tomorrow. If you aren't into that I would suggest a cab. The Executive Vintage Hotel has a shuttle, and other hotels may as well, but I think a walk will be good for me as my nerves are going to be running high before the show. It will be nice to avoid the traffic and parking congestion.

We wandered around Davie St. for a bit and all the local newspapers have Madonna's name and image splashed across every front page. We checked out some post parties and I will probably hit the one at Celebrities after the event. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased in advance. Check out I'm going for the drag show but if that isn't your speed The Majestic Nightclub is also offering a post-party.


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