Thursday, October 30, 2008

Three Hours to Go!!

Like Jessica and Albert below I am beside myself! Did some shopping today and even chatted with store clerks who were looking forward to the show. The Madge countdown has ended for Vancouver. Check out my preview in this weeks issue for a list of songs that we haven't heard recently from the queen in a tour. Even though I already made a list I can't let my writing companions post a list without me. These are the songs that I'll die if she does tonight:

1. Dress You Up - My love as a fan was sealed when she opened her Virgin Tour with this one!

2. Deeper and Deeper - This is one of my coming out songs. It played in every club as I burst out of the closet in the 90's.

3. Like A Prayer - I couldn't have survived growing up Catholic without her.

4. Into the Groove - I could hardly stop staring at her image long enough to dance in my room when I watched this video.

5. Crazy For You - I actually had a cassette of this that I taped from the radion back in the day. Needless to say I wore it out.

See you there. I'll be looking for Seattle-ites.

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