Saturday, July 4, 2009

Green Day awesome in first show, Billie Joe kisses male fan on lips

Happy 4th of July, it's Albert Rodriguez from Seattle Gay News slightly recovered from a booming performance by Green Day at Key Arena last night.

It was the start of the rock trio's world tour, and it was a blast - literally! You can't imagine the amount of pyrotechnics in this show - one bang after another, flames everywhere, and a really colorful display of lights mixed with indoor fireworks.

I can't give away too much because a full review of Green Day's concert will be in Friday's issue of Seattle Gay News, and I don't want to spoil any surprises for fans awaiting the punk threesome in their own hometowns - BUT, what I can say is that Billie Joe Armstrong kissed a male fan on the lips. It was hot, entertaining, and lent itself to the spontaneity of a Green Day performance. The fan was pulled onstage to sing along with the group, and immediately went for Billie Joe's mouth - and Seattleites being the very open-minded, laid back folks that they are just cheered, laughed, and hooted.

I can also share with you that the Bay Area unit is playing music representing their entire catalog - so you'll not only hear songs from the new album, 21st Century Breakdown, but also selections from American Idiot, Dookie, and Nimrod.

My favorite part of the show was when Green Day did "21 Guns", which I think is the best cut from the newest CD - in concert, the piano at the end was brilliant and Billie Joe's vocals were absolutely stunning on it.

The crowd was restless, especially on some of the band's well-known hits. The main floor was jam-packed, and they just kept bouncing up and down throughout. I've been in a Green Day pit twice during the American Idiot tour, even suffered bruised ribs on both occasions, so I was pretty stoked to have an actual seat this time around in the section just to the left of the stage.

I have no rants about last night's concert whatsoever, but I was hoping for an image switcheroo from Green Day - maybe a mohawk, a change of attire, something. But, it was as if they walked from the American Idiot tour to this one without even looking in a mirror - they not only look the same, they pretty much wear the identical clothes from their previous road outing. I really was hoping to see Billie Joe in a pair of super skinny purple Levi's instead of his usual choice, the somewhat roomy black ones.

Anyway, overall it was a killer show and if they're coming to your city I suggest definitely checking them out. They play for a solid two hours, and then some, and it's high energy all the way, plus a really good set list. Also, bring a pair of ear plugs if you don't like the sound of loud bangs because there are plenty of them during the whole performance.

Bottom line: I was very entertained last night, and glad to see that Green Day brought their A game to the start of their new tour in Seattle!


Anonymous said...

I went to the show with my 13 yr old daughter and had a total blast. They really sounded excellent and kept us all entertained. The kiss was a hoot! Also, his suggestion to Tre regarding the young guitarist! :D

I disagree about Billy Joe's pants, however. They looked like they were painted on to me!

Molly in Sumner~

Just Linda said...

Billie Joe used to kiss a guy on the lips during a show for good luck. This was not new but very, very entertaining!

Alice said...

I'm seeing them on Monday, and I must say I'm very, very excited. Although my very conservative father will be with me and my friend, so even though I'd like to see something like that, I hope he doesn't try it again in front of my dad... or I might not be allowed to go to any more Green Day concerts. My dad's not too chill about stuff like that. :(

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