Friday, July 3, 2009

Green Day launching world tour in Seattle tonight, Seattle Gay News is there

Hey, it's Albert from Seattle Gay News on a very hot afternoon in Seattle. Watching an intense battle o' the Andy's (Roddick vs. Murray, Wimbledon). I'm cheering for both, as one is American and the other is tall, sexy, and has a British accent (and, thank you Andy Murray for wearing tight shorts).

More importantly, today is GREEN DAY. I'm impatiently awaiting my ticket to be delivered via UPS from the record label - as soon as it's here, I'm jetting to Seattle Center to take advantage of the clear blue skies and Seattle International Beer Festival.

I know nothing about tonight's show, as the label and tour promoter have kept mum on details - all I've been told is that Green Day chose to rehearse for it in California leading up to the moment they headed to Seattle. But, tonight's performance marks the world tour launch of Green Day's newest live production. I'm hoping and expecting to be wowed, especially after seeing the dazzling American Idiot concert twice at two separate venues.

Scattered tickets remain for the concert this evening, and it appears you can still purchase them online at Ticketmaster ( Though, at a certain point very soon all remaining tickets will be transferred and available only at the venue.

If you're heading to Seattle Center, the massive complex housing Key Arena, Space Needle, Experience Music Project, as well as several other performance halls, take note that the popular Beer Festival is also taking place on the grounds right now. Add to this: the many tourists zipping up the Space Needle or sundrenched locals cooling off at the International Fountain.

So, my best recommendation is to take Metro or a combination of Metro/Monorail to the show. From downtown, take the #1, #2, #4 or #13 to Seattle Center, or from Capitol Hill take the #8 (on John Street). The monorail is a quicker trip to/from downtown, and you board it at the top level of Westlake Center (3rd and Pine) - it will drop you off inside Seattle Center. If you must drive, parking is limited. If you arrive early and don't wanna get your drink on right away, then make a pit stop at Easy Street Records (on Mercer).

I'll have a brief wrap-up of the concert here tomorrow morning, and a full review of the band's performance in next week's issue (July 10) in the Seattle Gay News.

Besides the gorgeous holiday weekend in Seattle, let's also celebrate the return of GREEN DAY!


Anonymous said...

What a show!!! Green Day was phenomenal!

Ian said...

Did you hear about Gay Men's Boot Camp in NYC?? It is so GREAT...