Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Chief Justice hopes for marriage equality ruling soon

In an interview with the Seattle Post Intelligencer, The Chief Justice of the Washington State Supreme Court, Gerry Alexander, said he hopes the state's top court will issue its much awaited opinion on marriage equality for same-sex couples before the end of the current legislative session.

The comment has sparked speculation by many who have called or e-mailed the Seattle Gay News with their analysis of the comment. Some have suggested that the comment could mean that the decision would call for a legislative remedy to the inequity of our state's marriage laws. Still, others believe the comment -- while informed -- is merely Alexander's wishful thinking.

While most in the region's LGBT community eagerly await the top courts decision, they also recognize that the opinion could severely complicate things in Olympia for the Anderson-Murray Civil Rights Bill. The bill has the best chance for passage this year; better than in all of it's 30 year existence.

From the PI:
Alexander, 69, is the longest-serving chief justice since voters approved a constitutional amendment that allows the nine justices to pick their own leader. He is in the fifth year of that tenure...

Alexander, who describes himself as a judicial centrist who guards against legislating from the bench, said he's hale and hearty and wants to continue serving on the high court...

Alexander... said he hopes the court will issue its opinion on Washington's gay marriage ban during the current legislative session...

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