Sunday, January 22, 2006

Grammy Central: Best Male R & B Vocal Performance

You know what isn't fun? Being sick. Now that I'm on the get well track, it's time to get back to having fun with this year's Grammy Awards. Here are the nominees and my take on another great category in the R & B field.

Best Male R & B Vocal Performance

Creepin' - Jamie Foxx
Ordinary People - John Legend
Let Me Love You - Mario
Superstar - Usher
So What the Fuss - Stevie Wonder

Don't even get me started on Jamie Foxx's nomination. I would've preferred R. Kelly or Anthony Hamilton making the final cut any day before him. Nice to see Mario here.

My prediction is that John Legend will win, narrowly edging out a music biggie, Stevie Wonder. But, veteran Prince beat Usher last year. So you just never know.

My personal pick is John Legend. Even though Stevie Wonder is the true R & B legend in this category, the up and coming Legend has the best song of the bunch.

Photo of John Legend, courtesy of Sony/BMG Records

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