Sunday, January 29, 2006

Grammy Central: Best Country Album

Not sure where you're at, but we're getting pounded with more rain here in Seattle. I'm tired of having wet socks! Anyway, back to the Grammy predictions.

Best Country Album

Fireflies - Faith Hill
Lonely Runs Both Ways - Alison Krauss and Union Station
Time Well Wasted - Brad Paisley
All Jacked Up - Gretchen Wilson
Jasper County - Trisha Yearwood

Great lineup, but a big omission is Lee Ann Womack's incredible "There's More Where That Came From". I'm puzzled, simply puzzled, why Grammy voters overlooked it.

My prediction is that Grammy darling Alison Krauss and her bandmates will win this one, but always watch out for Faith Hill.

My personal pick is Alison Krauss and Union Station's stunning "Lonely Runs Both Ways". A quick listen to the songs "Reckless" and "My Poor Old Heart" are enough to prove why this album peaks above the others. This is bluegrass at its best.

Photo of Trisha Yearwood, courtesy of MCA Records

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