Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Grammy Watch: The Police reuniting for awards telecast; Best Male Pop Vocal

The Police, one of my all-time favorite groups, announced earlier this week that they will reunite for a live performance on the Grammy telecast. They'll open the main ceremony on February 11. I've already heard rumors of a Police tour coming to Seattle, and as soon as I get any definite information I'll post it in my column, "The Music Lounge". Look for an extenstive Grammy preview in the Seattle Gay News next week (February 9).

Here are the nominees for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance.

You're Beautiful - James Blunt

Save Room - John Legend

Waiting on the World to Change - John Mayer

Jenny Wren - Paul McCartney

Bad Day - Daniel Powter

Who will win: Waiting on the World to Change

Mayer, Blunt, and Legend are all performing on the telecast, which gives them the edge because Grammy voters are usually aware of who's appearing on the program and they can remember those names when they're filling out their ballots. Legend will give Mayer a run for his money, but the Atlanta native's socially and politically-themed hit, a reminder that global issues need global resolution, should give him the award.

Who should win: Waiting on the World to Change

This is tough because Legend's old school-soul gem is damn good, though I think it really belongs in the R & B genre. Mayer gets my vote for writing a bluesy-pop tune that speaks about human tragedy, the preventable kind and the kind we turn our backs to every day. This is Mayer's best single to date, and he deserves to be rewarded for it.

Photo of John Mayer, courtesy of Columbia Records.

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