Sunday, January 28, 2007

Oscar Watch: SAG reactions

Well, how predictable was that? It's the shape of things to come, I'm afraid. It would have been nice if Dreamgirls had won the ensemble cast - just to give a big raspberry to AMPAS for not nominating it as best picture - but after Little Miss Sunshine won the Producers Guild Award, I'm not surprised to see it take this one, too. Nor will I be surprised on the 25th of Februrary.

By the by, was that moment between Forest Whitaker and America Ferrera supremely uncomfortable? I couldn't tell if it was ad lib or scripted - Ugly Betty? America the Beautiful. Aw, shucks - but it was a little too giggly. Still, I'm so happy for both of their wins. (Even if I am pulling for an upset at the Oscars by Peter O'Toole. But more on that later.) And nice acceptance by Ferrera - short and sweet.

Ok, I could get bitchy about dresses (Ellen Pompeo! Marcia Gay Harden! What were you thinking?) or speeches (Forest Whitaker needs to get a writer, or get off the crack) or facelifts (and lack thereof). But I'm in such a good mood, 'cause the SAGSs finished up in 2 short hours, and I can watch my TIVO.... Sigh. No, really, the lack of surprise is looking like it's going to be a bit of a letdown on Oscars night. While I still think it's anyone's guess which film will win best picture (LMS has a head start, assuredly), the interest will be in the screenplays and technical awards. I'll be back in the coming weeks with analysis and predictions, so keep it tuned to the Seattle Gay Blog! And on February 23 pick up a print copy of the Seattle Gay News for some - yet-to-be-determined - extended Oscars coverage!

Eddie Murphy, Beyonce Knowles, Jennifer Hudson and Anika Noni Rose in Dreamgirls, photo courtesy DreamWorks Distribution LLC.

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