Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Oscar Watch: Official nominees list

And it's official: http://oscar.com/nominees/?pn=list

Like most predictors, well... I got a lot and I missed a lot. I was right about Little Miss Sunshine sneaking in to the best picture nominations, but I didn't think it would take the place of Dreamgirls. Sunshine wasn't strong enough to pull a best director nom, so that slot went to Paul Greengrass for United 93 - as I also suggested it might. Again, not in place of Bill Condon! I'm still a little aghast.

I did pretty well with the actresses - got all of the best supporting actresses, and predicted that Kate Winslet might get the nom over Toni Collette - but missed a bit on th actors. Djimon Honsou over Jack Nicholson? Leonardo DiCaprio over... uh, Leonardo DiCaprio? Guess I'll have to see Blood Diamond. (Meanwhile, yippee and hoorah for Peter O'Toole, Ryan Gosling and Jackie Earle Haley!)

In the screenplay arena, I'm okay with Borat making it in over Thank You for Smoking, and I'm almost as ecstatic as Selma Hayek for Pan's Labyrinth nomination. But how can Volver be snubbed in the foreign film category? I ask you. It's almost as bad as the Dreamgirls snub. (Go Jennifer! Go Eddie!)

Well, those are all of the reactions I can manage to pull out of my ass this early in the morning. How did you do with your predictions? I'll be back this weekend with the Screen Actors Guild Awards. Remember, Venus opens this Friday (at the Guild 45th).

And hey: remember to put February 25th on your calendar for the Seattle Gay News official Oscars Party! This year it'll be at the Purr Cocktail Lounge (1518 11th Avenue). I'll keep you posted on party times, but you'll want to get there early for a seat close to the red carpet!

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