Friday, May 25, 2007

Aloha From Oahu and the Rainbow Film Fest

Aloha! This is Ron from the Seattle Gay News greeting you from Oahu, where the skies are clear, the breezes are blowing and the surfers are tanned and buff. Got here last night and am already seduced by the sun and the scent of flowers. This is my first trip to Hawaii – and so far it is as magical as everyone told me it would be.

Just got back from opening night at the 18th Annual Honolulu Rainbow Film Festival – a major event in Hawaiian queer culture. The Honolulu Academy of Art was filled with high anticipation for the showing of No Regret, the first gay film to come out of South Korea. After the showing, most audience members -- and some of the filmmakers -- showed up at Hula’s, Oahu’s premier gay bar. It is a very friendly place that put me at ease right away. The fest continues through Sunday, and I will be filling you in on the latest buzz.

Spent the afternoon wandering through Waikiki (where my hotel is) checking out the markets, stores and boutiques. Had lunch at the Rainbow Drive-In, a legendary local eatery whose specialty is the plate lunch, which will satisfy even the heartiest appetite.

Tomorrow morning I am off to Kualoa Ranch, where many Hollywood and TV blockbusters (Jurassic Park, Lost) are filmed. Since I have to be up at the crack of dawn, I will sign off now and will check back with you all tomorrow.

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