Friday, May 4, 2007

SOAP, LGBT Center reach agreement

Representatives of Seattle Out and Proud and the Seattle LGBT Community Center met Friday, May 4, with Seattle City Councilmembers Tom Rasmussen and Sally Clark during a morning meeting in a City Hall conference room. The two sides hammered out an agreement in the spirit of cooperation.

The two groups will hold separate events on Pride weekend. On Saturday, June 23, the Seattle LGBT Center will sponsor a march/parade down Broadway to Volunteer Park, where a festival will be held. SOAP will hold a parade downtown along Fourth Avenue on Sunday, June 24.

The terms of agreement also include, among other things:

*The two groups will hire a spokesperson to speak for both groups.

*The two groups will work cooperatively to collect sponsorships. Cindy Baccetti, who has been consulting with SOAP on sponsorships for their event, will lead the effort.

SOAP Vice President Weston Sprigg and board members Gabriel Ferguson and Troy Campbell represented the downtown parade. Seattle LGBT Community Center Executive Director Shannon Thomas and media consultant Brad Davis represented the Capitol Hill events. Michael Wells of the Broadway Improvement Association and Baccetti were also present.

Both sides said a joint statement would be released to the public shortly.

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