Saturday, May 19, 2007

Virgin Festival 2007: The night before

Hey, it's Albert from the Seattle Gay News. I'm in Vancouver covering the inaugural Virgin Festival, featuring The Killers (pictured), AFI, My Chemical Romance, Hot Hot Heat, Metric, and over 40 bands and performers in the course of two days.

The festival takes place on the University of British Columbia campus. I'm catching up with Adam White, lead singer of the Canadian band The Reason on Sunday, and I'm also on the list for a VIP after-party that night. Hopefully, some of the bands from the festival will show up for cocktails.

On an un-related music note, I'm told Sting is in Vancouver practicing for the upcoming Police reunion tour. Although, I can't verify it at this time.

If you're headed to Vancouver anytime soon, bring a warm coat. It was cold today.

I'll wrap-up the first day of the festival, tomorrow late night. I'm off to my hotel to catch some zzz's.

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