Saturday, September 1, 2007

Bumber-blog 2007: Head Automatica mini-review

Seattle Gay News is without web access at Seattle Center. The on-loan computer station we were supposed to be using this weekend is mysteriously not up and running. Even so, the Internet was down considerably for those journalists filing on-premise, making it a bit frustrating for some members of the press corps today.

Anywho, the good news is that Head Automatica gave a super knockout performance this evening at Exhibition Hall. I was front and center (um, first row) for the show, and my ears are still ringing very, very bad as a result. At times, lead singer Daryl Palumbo was directly in front of me - and his pants were so tight that I could make out the loose change in his pockets. He worked that stage like a young Mick Jagger, sexy and confident and full of incredible energy. Undeniably, Palumbo owns one of the nicest derrieres in the biz. And he's one of the most entertaining frontman I've seen with my own rock star-gazing eyes.

The band played songs from their two albums, Decadence and Popaganda, including "Brooklyn is Burning", "Beating Heart Baby" and "Laughing at You". The best cuts of the concert were "Nowhere Fast" and "Lying Through Your Teeth", which activated a busy mosh pit near the stage. I was pinned against the rail the entire time - but I didn't mind because I was being treated to a very impressive performance. These guys truly rock!

Bassist Jarvis Morgan Holden (I think that's his name) looked boyishly hot in a quasi-Mormon missionary ensemble: white button-down shirt, buzz cut, dressy slip-on shoes, and black pants that were skin-tight and high-watered. I saw the loose change in his pockets too. And he can recruit me to his religion any day of the week.

Head Automatica, due to the time crunch of the festival, gave no encore - even though the audience cheered "one more song!!!". But they'll return to Seattle, I'm sure. Probably not until they finish their next album, which they're currently working on.

Other Bumbershoot buzz --- today was a much busier day than expected. The crowds were huge, everywhere. The weather was really hot, so people definitely came out in full force today. I missed The Shins and Crowded House, but I'm pretty sure Lorelei (Quenzer) caught the latter because she's a big fan. Also, Rosie Thomas canceled her scheduled performance at the last minute. I bumped into a friend who told me that I definitely had to check out Rodrigo y Gabriela, but me no likes Rodrigo y Gabriela - to their credit, I hear they kick ass. Just not my ass.

Tomorrow (Sunday), I'm really excited to see a new band whose music I love considerably called Army of Me. Lead singer Vince Scheuerman interviewed with Seattle Gay News about two months ago. He's a sweetheart, and coincidentally enjoys his pants on the tight side as well. And I'm not complaining. Hopefully, I can catch up to the band before or after they jam at the Exhibition Hall at 7:45pm. I'm also looking forward to Sean Paul, opening for girlie Pea Fergie, and Art Brut - who start banging at the Sound Transit Stage at 7:30pm

If attending Bumbershoot tomorrow or Monday, use the ATM machine before entering Seattle Center. Lines are very long at times, and you'll have to cough up an annoying service fee (aside from your own bank fee) just for using it. Also, if commuting from Capitol Hill - take the #8 bus. It drops you off at 1st and Republican, two blocks away from the entrance by the Intiman Theatre.

Okay, it's almost time for Panic! At The Disco to go onstage and it's actually time for me to log off this borrowed computer. From the Alki Room at Bumbershoot 2007, have an awesome night and hope to see you tomorrow!

Photo of Head Automatica, courtesy of Warner Bros. Records.

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