Sunday, September 2, 2007

Bumber-blog 2007: Army of Me mini-review

Army of Me was just added to the Bumbershoot lineup last week when another band canceled. And in short time, fans of this DC-based trio got word of their appearance and flocked to their evening show tonight at the Exhibition Center.

Lead singer Vince Scheuerman, who interviewed with Seattle Gay News a few months ago, sounded amazing. This was a more confident, more vocally-consistent, and more comfortable Sheuerman than I saw at Chop Suey back in June. He looked pretty hot too, dressed in skin-hugging jeans (let's just say my imagination got the night off), a dark-colored waist-length coat, and a T-shirt. Midway through the group's set, he tossed the jacket - much to the delight of adoring female cheers.

Guitarist Brad Tursi cut his hair from the last time I saw Army of Me, and went for a non-rock star image tonight in orange'ish V-neck T-shirt and charcoal casual pants. He looked great too. Dennis Manuel pounded away on drums, and a temporary fourth member helped out on bass.

The band played a great set that included "Rise", "Going Through Changes" (currently getting airplay nationally), and a dandier version of "Perfect" from the previous live rendition at Chop Suey. They also threw in older favorites and a cover tune by Oasis, who Scheuerman credited for making him want to form a band.

I'm quite impressed by how tighter Army of Me sounded tonight. I enjoyed this performance far more than their last one. They also seemed to be more upbeat, smiling and interacting more with the audience.

Army of Me will begin touring with The Used, but the tour isn't passing through Seattle. After the show, I spoke briefly with Tursi outside and he was excited by tonight's turnout and how many Seattleites have become AOM fans. The group flies out tomorrow to Florida, very early in the morning.

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