Sunday, September 2, 2007

Bumber-blog: Sunday, early PM

Hey, it's Albert and we're live at Bumbershoot 2007!

Heading out in just a bit to catch the remainder of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at Memorial Stadium. I could hear them play as I entered the press-media gate. I might catch part of Janeane Garafalo's act as well.

Also today, Army of Me, Art Brut, and the show many gay boys are looking forward to --- Fergie w/ opener Sean Paul. Make sure you get a free wristband when you get into the festival, you'll need it to get access into Memorial Stadium this evening.

The good news is my ears have stopped ringing (kind of) from last night's Head Automatica show. I can therefore enjoy today's performances. It's a tad cooler than yesterday, so bring a light sweater or coat to brave tonight's mild chill.

Lorelei and I will be posting updates throughout the day. Until then, signing off from the Alki Room at Bumbershoot 2007!

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