Monday, September 3, 2007

Bumberblog 2007: The last word

Lorelei here, one last time with one last piece of advice: the next time Mocean Worker comes to town - Jazz Alley, Triple Door, your best friend's bbq, wherever - get yourself there. If you have any love, any at all, for jazz, funk, or wild and crazy improv, you'll love MoWo, also known as Adam Dorn. He really drew them into the Northwest Court, most of the folks dancing and jiving, ignoring the free chairs. His first tune, "Chicka-boom," was familiar to me; since I know him as a DJ, I wondered how he was going to duplicate it. The answer: with a live band, including a sax, a flute, a trumpet, keys, drums and bongos. MoWo himself was on bass. More, I want more!

But not this weekend. I'm headed over to the Backyard Stage for the end of The Frames set, then I'm going home. I've been slightly vindicated - the skies opened briefly and I got to take out my poncho. Of course, as soon as it was on, the drizzle stopped; I put the poncho away and it started up again. What's up with that? Next year, B'shoot: I'll leave the poncho at home and it will rain all weekend. 'Til next year!

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