Monday, September 3, 2007

Bumberblog 2007: Another hot Labor Day at B'shoot

Lorelei here. I may not have needed my poncho yesterday, but in my defense it did sprinkle the teeniest bit at around 10:30. Besides, wouldn't you rather have it and not need it than the reverse? (I know: nice try, Lorelei.) Today, however, has the highest chance of rain for the three days, and the highest humidity. I'm already schvitzing. So reapply that SPF!

I've been meaning to mention that if you do find yourself short of cash, in addition to secret stages and secret performances there is also a secret ATM! The Bank of America machine between the Pacific Science Center and Mural Amphitheatre is wedged between some fencing. It's still accessible but since no one can see it there's never a line. I should know, I've been to it twice.

Today I'm following m'colleague Albert's advice and bringing in my own food. I'm a little fed up with dinky $7 pita sandwiches and schtick on a stick - I'll save my moolah for the overpriced ice cream. Speaking of ice cream: how whacked is it that there's no ice cream stand on the 100-degree Memorial Stadium Floor?

And speaking of Memorial Stadium: Albert asked me to remind you that tonight's 9:30 pm mainstage show is Wu-Tang Clan, opened by Lupe Fiasco at 8:00 pm. It's sure to be crazy, and it's also sure to be packed, so pick up your passes early!

Me, I'll be avoiding those evening crowds. I'm getting too old for this. Last night I found myself wanting to smack a couple of teenagers who didn't know how to cross the street (sirens mean stop!), not to mention the idiots who think it's cool to slam dance getting into the mosh pits. Who's teaching these tykes manners? No, instead I'll be hitting the afternoon acts at Memorial: I can't wait to get me some Joss Stone and John Legend (1:15 pm and 3:00 pm respectively).

I thought I might try to sneak over to the Literary Arts Stage between the R&B sets to hear Wesley Stace (aka the hot John Wesley Harding) read from his new novel, by George. I thought I might, but decided I probably won't, since I don't want him to think I'm stalking him. Or anything. (Call me.) Perhaps I'll catch the end of Kultur Shock's gypsy punk set at Fisher Green (3:45 pm). I hope to have a chance to blog before even more shows take over my time ... there's Mocean Worker and Steve Earle's mini-performances at the KEXP Bumbershoot Music Lounge, and I want to see Irish rockers The Frames before heading off to bed. Actually, I want to see Frames' lead singer Glen Hansard so I can dream sweet dreams... but that's another story. I'll blog ya' later!

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