Sunday, September 2, 2007

Bumberblog 2007: Sorry for the bumber delay...

Lorelei here. You surely noticed a dearth in blogging yesterday. I'll splain: a miscommunication about computer availability led to no Saturday on-line time. But the nice folks in the Bumbershoot press room wanted to make sure you got the scoops! (Thanks, Court!) So while I'm not sure how often either I or m'colleague Albert will be able to blog, here's what happened yesterday and what's new for today and tomorrow:

It's extra crowded. Either there are more people at B'shoot this year, or the folks at One
Reel haver put up more fencing to herd us together, because it seems like we're even more cheek to asscheek than usual. If you leave a mainstage performance between opening act and headliner, you'll find it claustrophobic south of the Fountain. I recommend peeling off down the vendor ave, even if it takes you out of your way.

Speaking of Crowded. If you missed Crowded House yesterday you also missed a classic B'shoot surprise moment: Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder. Vedder shared lead vocals with Neil Finn on "The World Where You Live" and played guitar on "Something So Strong."

+44 cancelled as opener for Gym Class Heroes and Panic! At the Disco - Seattle's Schoolyard Heroes graciously - and happily - stepped in.

It doesn't matter because it seems like everyone was at Gogol Bordello's show at Fisher Green. I'd guess there were close to 2,000 folks bobbing up and down on that lawn - and that was just at the beer garden. Kidding. A shirtless Eugene Hutz screamed lyrics in Ukranian, Russian and English, and the masses loved it. GB's cult following just got, uh, cultier.

Secret shows. Like SIFF, B'shoot has a Secret Festival: KEXP's Bumbershoot Music Lounge. You can pick up a pass at the KEXP booth on-site. These are very intimate performances - the theater seats about 100. I'm now a fan of American roots rockers The Gourds. In fact, I'm headed over there now to catch The Watson Twins. Later I'll be catching up with Kings of Leon, Rose Hill Drive and my man, the hot John Wesley Harding. See you around the Fountain!

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