Friday, September 28, 2007

Lesbian & Gay Film Festival trailers

The 2007 Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival is still two weeks away, but, if you can't stand the wait, these juicy festival trailers should tide you over...

My name's Dave [Quantic] and I directed these funny shorts to
help promote Seattle's Lesbian and Gay Film Festival.

You can see them on the Festival's website:

As well as on YouTube:

The shorts follow Senior Creative Artistic Director of
New Projects, Camile Schwartzbaum, as she allows
documentary cameras film the most intimate, sacred
moments of the creative process with her theatre
ensemble, The King County Society for Stage
Adaptations of Cinematic Masterpieces, during their
intensive search for the next Broadway Smash!

The thirty second "Brainstorm" version is currently
airing nationally on LOGO, the MTV gay and lesbian
cable channel. 35mm prints of the other three
segments (TOP GUN, SHOWBEARS and DRAG QUEENS) will
screen before features in Seattle area multiplexes a
few weeks before the fest and before every screening
at the festival.

Just thought your readers might like to see them!

For the record, the "Top Gun" trailer is my favorite.

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