Sunday, September 2, 2007

Bumberblog 2007: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - intimate show mini-review

I was privileged to be five feet away from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club when they gave an intimate mini-performance this evening at the Eve Alvord Theatre. The six-song set was part of KEXP's on-air broadcast from the Bumbershoot Music & Arts Festival here at Seattle Center.

Peter Lind Hayes, in greased-back hair and side chops, opened with a solo acoustic performance of a song from their latest album, Baby 81, which I believe is called "Fault Line". He was then joined by Nick Jago, who played tambourine on "Ain't No Easy Way". On the third song, guitarist Robert Levon Been joined in on acoustic guitar and also took over lead vocals. The trio, true to their name, was decked out in all-black attire, including "cheap-o" boots as described by Hayes when I spoke to him briefly afterwards.

The roughly 100 guests, both fans and press-media, enjoyed a few more songs including "Weapon of Choice" before the band had to leave. Well, not quite.

Hayes greeted diehard fans afterwards, and he and I spoke for about five minutes. He said, "I'm a little interested in Fergie". Hmmm...he actually did sound interested. At first, I thought he was joking - and I laughed.

Anywho, BRMC kicked some royal ass tonight at this intimate little shindig, following their hour-and-fifteen minute set at Memorial Stadium. I'll have more to say about BRMC and lead singer Hayes in "The Music Lounge" on September 7.

Okay, I gotta skidaddle to catch the opening of Miss Fergie. The gay boys are out there, I saw them earlier when I popped in to get a glimpse of Sean Paul's set.

I'll let Lorelei take it from here, while I get Fergie-fied.

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