Sunday, September 2, 2007

Bumberblog 2007: More Sunday

Lorelei again, back from wandering the Center grounds. Breaking news: if you were coming strictly to see Ryan Shaw (Fisher Green, 7:45 pm), then don't bother. He's canceled, to be replaced by locals Blues Scholars. Also canceled: The Horrorpops (Exhibition Hall, 4:15 pm).

I did manage to check out The Watson Twins' secret show at the KEXP Bumbershoot Music Lounge, where they previewed a few songs from their upcoming album due out in January. The two songs I heard were very different from the country-gospel on Southern Manners; the pop-py "Fadeout" has a '60' girl-group feeling.

From there (secret location) I trotted over to the Backyard Stage for the punk girl quartet The Trucks. Quite a contrast! Their lyrics were fun, but I couldn't take much of the tunes. On my way over to Memorial Stadium for the afternoon mainstage event I heard North Twin at the Mural Amphitheatre - bluesy goodness!

At the mainstage, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club blew out an amp connection early in their set and had to switch gears; they managed to plug in with their next song, but could've been a bit more nimble. The smoke machines and syncopated lights were a bit over the top for a daytime show, but it still wasn't enough to hold my interest. The set was dreary - I almost fell asleep despite the volume. The gloomy bassline was relentless and depressing. I was glad they finished a little early.

Kings of Leon
, on the other hand, were full of energy, despite lead singer Caleb Followill's announcement that they were under the weather and almost had to cancel. KOL's opening notes had folks flocking to the floor and stands. My complaint: none of the Followills (three brothers and a cousin) cracked a smile! Maybe it's those skinny, tight black jeans and rock and roll posturing that makes them grumpy. Or maybe it's that sumer cold. Bleh. Early in their set they invited the crowd to sing along, then launched into "Molly's Chamber," but it seemed like they weren't having nearly as much fun as the audience.

Most welcome mainstage addition: the super fan that blasts the water from the fire hoses across the pit crowd! One Reel should install these at other outdoor stages. Except, of course, when it's raining. I anticipate needing my poncho before the B'shoot day is over - clouds are encroaching, and it's very muggy.

But right now I'm going to try to check out rock and blues trio Rose Hill Drive (Mural Amphitheatre, literally right now!) If there's time to blog between that and the hot, hot, hot John Wesley Harding - if I don't go see Sam Yahel or someone else equally intriguing - I'll let you know what I thought very soon. Otherwise I'll check in with y'all before I leave the grounds with a wrap on the day. Laterz!

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