Friday, October 31, 2008

Game Over

It's so hard to put into words just how incredibly exciting last night was. I love you Seattle, but you just don't party like the Canadians. It was a crazy throw-down from the minute we stepped out of our cab to the stadium. Radio staions were blasting Madge around two blocks. We got there early to watch the craziness and waited until well after 9:00 before the Queen took the stage.

60,000 fans screaming and dancing for almost two hours was something I've never experienced. It was almost eerie from the front when I could hear the entire place singing the hits with her. There were so many song highlights and she did a fantastic job mixing old stuff with new material. Standouts were the punk-rock "Borderline," a hip-hop infused "Vogue" and an old school rendition of "Into the Groove" complete with jump roping and Keith Haring animation!

There was only a small section of slow songs, which included "You Must Love Me" from Evita, when the audience of course gave her nothing but love as she serenaded us with the last few notes. The high energy third act was incredible with a techno version of "Like a Prayer" and a finale that recreated elements of Tron and 80's video games to "Give It To Me" before her final exit behind the screens that said "Game Over."

In spite of the rain, masses of fans paraded out into the streets, heading back to downtown and completely taking over the roads. Every club formed lines out the door but the biggest party was at Celebrites that sold out even before the concert started. Non-stop Madonna music and even an energetic drag show kept the fans dancing well into the 2:00 hour.

Be sure to check out my review of the entire show in next weeks issue.

Everything Sticky & Sweet: Madonna in concert, a bit of everything and everyone

Hey, it's Albert from Seattle Gay News. Not fully recovered yet from Madonna's smashing concert last night at Vancouver's BC Place Stadium but I'm sure my vocal chords and whistling ears will work themselves back to normal on the train ride back to Seattle.

I walked from my hotel, Loden, two blocks to the Burrard SkyTrain station and arrived at the stadium all within ten minutes. Hundreds of people showed up early, though the masses flooded in about a half hour later. Among the first things I saw when I found my actual seat was a 30-something woman dressed in Madonna's signature "Borderline" hair bow and gloves - I don't think she was trying to impersonate Madge as much as I think she really believed she was a direct descendent of the pop icon's queen-dom.

Behind me, a young woman and mother of two boys (who traded them in for a well-deserved night on the town) said exhuberantly, "this is the best concert I've ever been to and it hasn't even started!". This is what Madonna worship does to people, brings out moms and grandmothers, gay men with friends and gay men with partners and gay men with giddy co-workers or BFFs. But there were also a lot of straight couples, and even straight men chugging beer with their hockey buddies - all here for Ms. Ciccone.

I met a gentleman at the show last night who told me at intermission, just after a DJ spun top 40 favorites at the foot of the stage's catwalk, that Madonna wouldn't be going onstage until 9:30 - at the time he mentioned it to me it was 8:05, and I was already buzzed and fighting the anticipation of my first Material Girl live experience. I chose not to believe him, but in the end he proved to be right. The lights dimmed at 9:25, and several minutes following a sharp hi-tech introduction on the jumbotron screens, out came Madonna.

The crowd went nuts, especially the floor crowd who were on foot the entire time before Madge hit the stage. I screamed in delight, never minded if it bothered the irriritating too-reserved chick on my right side - if anything, I raised my pitch because this was the mother of all shows, the diva of all divas, Madonna!

Being a newbie to the Material Girl's live performances, I knew beforehand that she'd reinvent older favorites but I was still hopeful they'd sound similar to the way they did when I began my adoration of her. "La Isla Bonita" was done flamenco-style, and I loved the choreography but not neccesarily the whole number. "Into the Groove" seemed to lack its thumping bassline and appeared a bit slower than the original, though it still carried a lot of energy.

I was most impressed with "Like a Prayer", which really got the sold out audience fired up. And a surprise "You Must Love Me" was a stunner.

Richard Kennedy is reviewing the concert for next Friday's print issue, so I don't want to step on his toes because I know he's got lots to say about it. But, I just HAVE to mention I found it silly that Madonna played guitar for four songs. It was like she was trying to be a rock star, and I've never known Madonna to try and be anything else but herself. And furthermore, when exactly did Madonna start playing the guitar - or any instrument for that matter?

Overall, I really enjoyed the thrill of seeing Madonna in person and the production was spectacular - no one puts on a show quite like this lady, who at 50 can kick and stretch just beautifully. This was a night to remember, and I'll do everything possible to see her again in concert.

Those of you from Seattle staying in Vancouver through the weekend, I recommend doing some much-needed recovery at Skoah spa (, which does indeed ship their fine products to the US (a correction from a print article a week ago) - their signature facial called "facealicious" is second to none. Or, the Absolut Spa at the Century Hotel ( offers incredible pedicures with a complimentary light meal in their own cafe after your treatment. Massage treatments are a great way to recover, relax, and revigorate for your next adventure. Check these two spas out here in Vancouver.

For Halloween, Opus Hotel ( is throwing a no cover bash tonight beginning at 9pm that hops until 3am. It's a fabulous hotel in Yaletown, where the sexy people - gay and straight - stay at when in town, and the place will be filled tonight with cool tunes, cool cocktails, and hot flesh. Also, T-Bodies is hosting a Trans Haunt for trans community members and their friends at Lick (455 Abbott Street) starting at 9pm. A $5 cover charge is in effect.

Well, I gotta run to catch my train. It's been real fun covering Madonna here in Vancouver, her first time ever playing in this city that'll host the 2010 Winter Olympics in a couple of years.

The Loden Hotel ( has been an amazing place to report from, a new property in the heart of downtown Vancouver and a hip, gorgeous boutique hotel with many great bells and whistles. I had a wonderful lunch at Voya, the hotel's on-premise restaurant, and the halibut atop fingerling potatoes and fresh asparagus was quite memorable. Add a cheesecake with coconut sorbet, and I was in la-la land.

Loden Hotel will be a prime hotspot for the upcoming Juno Awards (Canada's Grammys) in March, and its penthouse is the bomb. Consider it for your upcoming Vancouver getaway.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Three Hours to Go!!

Like Jessica and Albert below I am beside myself! Did some shopping today and even chatted with store clerks who were looking forward to the show. The Madge countdown has ended for Vancouver. Check out my preview in this weeks issue for a list of songs that we haven't heard recently from the queen in a tour. Even though I already made a list I can't let my writing companions post a list without me. These are the songs that I'll die if she does tonight:

1. Dress You Up - My love as a fan was sealed when she opened her Virgin Tour with this one!

2. Deeper and Deeper - This is one of my coming out songs. It played in every club as I burst out of the closet in the 90's.

3. Like A Prayer - I couldn't have survived growing up Catholic without her.

4. Into the Groove - I could hardly stop staring at her image long enough to dance in my room when I watched this video.

5. Crazy For You - I actually had a cassette of this that I taped from the radion back in the day. Needless to say I wore it out.

See you there. I'll be looking for Seattle-ites.

Hours to go~!

I am sitting in an Internet cafe in Vancouver, and "Beautiful Stranger" is on even as I type. I've been hearing Madonna songs everywhere I go today in fact. Her face is on the over of just about every paper and magazine in town.

Excitement is definitely building and I am no exception. I'm beside myself with nerves and can't wait to hit BC Place. I've been waiting for this show for so long I cannot believe it's finally the big day.

My personal wishlist for tonight is a little far-fetched, but I would die happy with:

1. Get Together
2. Future Lovers
3. Rescue Me (will NEVER happen I know)
4. Drowned World/Substitute for Love
5. Nothing Fails

Off to go bite my nails some more and pick out something to wear...
- Jessica R Price

Everything Sticky & Sweet: Madonna tonight for the very first time

It's Albert again from Seattle Gay News on an overcast morning in Vancouver, British Columbia. Just got back from breakfast at a new place called Medina Cafe ( in the Crosstown District, a place that serves wild morning inventions like a cassoulet with eggs or the Tagines, which I had - two poached eggs over spicy tomato stew, olives, red peppers, cilantro and a side of fresh tortilla chips.

Tonight is the night we've been waiting for, Madonna at BC Place Stadium! I found out where Madonna is staying in Vancouver this morning, but I'm not at liberty to say - though, you can bet I'll walk by there and touch the steps of the hotel just to say I did. Wow! She's here, her crew is already assembling outside the stadium to make sure the stage equipment is ready to go!

And, everyone in Vancouver that I've bumped into seems to be going tonight. In fact, a local radio station announced this morning that a limited number of tickets were available and within minutes a woman said she paid $600 for a pair. Incredible!

I am a total virgin to the live Madonna experience, so I am beside myself just thinking about it. I remember buying my first Material Girl album and listening to "Physical Attraction" and "Holiday" over and over again on my parents' vintage record player. And now, two decades later I'm going to my first ever Madonna concert.

So, if you're in Vancouver and wondering where to go before the show - try 1181's ( Pre-Madonna Party hosted by the Vancouver GLBA and Skyy Vodka kicking off 5:30pm. No cover charge, special cocktails, located right in the Davie Village and that of course spells lots of gay boys cocktailing before the big show. DJ Gluve is spinning Material Girl songs all night long.

Other suggestions in the gay district are Numbers, Odyssey, The Majestic, and Pumpjack. Outside the gay district, check out George, Cactus Club Cafe, Chambar, Global, or Bin 941.

After the concert, stop by Celebrities ( post-show bash called "The Candy Shop" featuring a performance by stage performer Trixie. $10 charge at the door. The party gets hopping at 9pm and goes to 3am. Celebrities is normally the place to shake it in Vancouver, so tonight it'll be totally crazy.

The Vancouver Sun has put out a tentative set list, according to previous Sticky & Sweet tour stops, in today's newspaper. But, I'm not going to dare peek at it and instead be surprised. My personal wishlist is as follows:

1 True Blue - my absolute favorite song by Madonna, it always make me feel...well, gay.
2 Erotica - heard this for the first time in Hawaii, and it's a personal fave.
3 La Isla Bonita - I was visiting my brother in Miami when this song broke out, and the radio stations and locals went crazy for it there.
4 Dress You Up - an oldie but a goodie, I'll scream if she does it tonight.
5 The Power of Goodbye - from her Ray of Light album, such a great song.
6 Let It Will Be - from the last album and tour, but I'm crossing my fingers for it.
7 4 Minutes - a guarantee tonight, but how will do it without JT?
8 Physical Attraction - I fell in love with Madonna by this song.
9 Live to Tell - brings back memories of my first gay crush.
10 Get Into the Groove - listened to this all the way to Christian camp one summer.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Everything Sticky & Sweet: Vancouver is ready for Madonna

It's Albert from Seattle Gay News, slightly tipsy and in good spirits at the fabulous, new Loden Hotel ( in downtown Vancouver. This place is so new that local media just got their first view of it this evening with the grandest of grand opening parties complete with b-boy dancers, burlesque showgirl performances, and yummy appetizers. The room design of this property is spectacular - spacious, neutral decor, views from nearly every room - a fantastic addition to the boutique hotel community in Vancouver.

If you're trekking to Vancouver tomorrow for Madonna, day of show, know that trains are running on time (as of now) but road traffic depends on the weather (it drizzled late afternoon today) and the number of people also making the drive. There are a lot of Seattleites here already, and they're joining their Canadian friends for the first of three nights out on the town (pre-Madonna, night of-Madonna, Halloween).

Speaking of, here's a few more places to dine or cocktail at here in Vancouver:

Irish Heather ( is one of the most flocked-to pubs in Vancouver - my friend insisted on taking me there and I'm so glad he did. Located in the developing Gastown district, Irish Heather is loaded with imported bottled beers and local ales on tap like the refreshing Harp Lager. We ordered curry fries and sausage w/ mustard to start, and both were quite good. But the thick, juicy bacon cheeseburger w/ sauteed mushrooms really hit the spot, served alongside a cup of made-from-scratch potato-leek soup. They also offer a beef-Guinness potpie, Japanese-style fish n' chips (with snapper), and a grilled cheese sandwich.

Beyond Restaurant + Lounge ( is a very affordable and highly suggested place to go for breakfast. Tucked inside the Century Plaza Hotel and Spa (on Burrard), this trendy locale's signature "beyond breakfast" includes two free range eggs any style, choice of bacon or sausages, potatoes, and whole wheat toast for just $7. If watching the calories, go for the egg white frittata with asparagus, truffle oil, and mizuna-apple salad. Ample dining area offering tables and booths, unpretentious ambiance, and attentive service combined with well-priced plates makes Beyond a must-visit destination for early morning feeds.

Hon's (no website, 1339 Robson Street) is an eatery visited regularly by both Vancouverites and out of towners. A local-based chain of Chinese diners, the one on Robson is a perfect spot to grub on authentic, low-priced fare in a cafeteria-type setting. The menu features many known favorites, such as almond chicken or pork dumplings or various fried rice dishes, but a good thing to do is to expand your palate by trying new things. Each time I've been here, I've seen just as many single guests as I have couples or families, so it's recommended for solo travelers.

Photo of vegetarian potstickers at Hon's.

Arrived in Vancouver a few hours ago...I can't even tell you how excited I am to be here for Madonna's Sticky and Sweet Tour, but also this happens to be my first time in Canada at all. Everybody's so beautiful here! Tonight the buzz seems to be on Davie St, I can't wait to hit the bars and see how much Madonna Mania is taking hold. I've heard the show tomorrow at BC Place is expected to be the biggest thing since Charles and Di visited in the 80's.

Friends have suggested Numbers and Celebrities as the places for afterparties and dancing. We are booked at the fabulous Moda Hotel, and about to unpack and head down to the Uvo bar downstairs. Swanky seating and tall drinks- PERFECT. Until tomorrow- Jessica R Price

Hey All,

Made it to Vancouver without any unexpected surprises. We are staying at the posh, but understated Executive Vintage Hotel on Drake St. and Howe St. So far I feel nothing but pampered with my fabulous view and in-room jacuuzi. The fitness room is small but nice, and the hot tub is on the 9th floor deck with another great view.

I did a test run over to the BC Place Stadium in my car and found it to be about a mile. From Granville and Robson I would guess it to be a little less than a mile. I'm sure they have the streets well policed for an event but I have to say that I will probably walk tomorrow. If you aren't into that I would suggest a cab. The Executive Vintage Hotel has a shuttle, and other hotels may as well, but I think a walk will be good for me as my nerves are going to be running high before the show. It will be nice to avoid the traffic and parking congestion.

We wandered around Davie St. for a bit and all the local newspapers have Madonna's name and image splashed across every front page. We checked out some post parties and I will probably hit the one at Celebrities after the event. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased in advance. Check out I'm going for the drag show but if that isn't your speed The Majestic Nightclub is also offering a post-party.


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Two Days To Go!


With just two days to go before the big show I know many of you are making travel plans and I thought I'd throw in a few helpful tips. Be sure to allow yourself enough time for border crossing, and bring your proper documents if you are driving through. You now need a passport OR a valid driver's license WITH a birth certificate. I've been checking the wait times the last couple days at which is updated every hour and haven't seen any extended wait times. When looking at the chart check out the box for "Douglas (Peace Arch)" to find the crossing from I-5. As expected the busiest times are after 5pm on and I would highly suggest that you get through the border well before then on Thursday. Let's not forget that Madonna is playing a stadium that is three times the size of Key Arena. There will surely be traffic flow coming from Washington that may clog it up. So far rain is predicted on Wednesday evening and Thursday morning. If it does rain into the afternoon on Thursday that may affect crossing times as well. The last time I crossed the border it took 90 minutes JUST for the border in addition to the three hours travel time. I'm hoping that it won't be that bad again, but I'm not taking any chances with time.

Once into the city you can breathe a sigh of relief. You are there and there is no way you are missing the show now so take some time and enjoy it. I have a list of places I hit whenever there. Vancouver is beautiful and if you haven't been I highly recommend doing what I call the "downtown circle" that encompasses my three favorite travel activities: sightseeing, shopping and eating!

The circle is connected by four streets; Granville, Robson, Denman and Davie. It doesn't matter exactly where you start (of course this depends on your hotel location) but I like to begin at Granville and Robson. Both are lined with shopping and places to eat. I start off with a crepe at one of the fabulous Cafe Crepe restaurants or walk-up windows. Once I have my fill I'm off to the shops. Check out the Aldo Outlet right there on the corner of Granville and Robson for great deals on shoes. Head west on Robson for the rest of the stores until you hit Denman and move south. The shops get smaller and more locally owned at this point and you are more likely to find unique items that you won't see anywhere else. Just off of Denman is Comox St. home of the fantastic Delilah's Martini Bar and Restaurant. Super charming atmosphere and delicious eats, this is the PERFECT place for dinner before the show. Check out for more. Once back on Denman you can head down to the best damn cupcake you will ever eat at Cupcakes by Heather and Lori. It's the cutest little shop that you can't miss because it's entirely pink and the smell of baked cakes will surely lure you in (

Take your deserts and within a short walk Denman will turn into beautiful Stanley Park ( Breathtaking scenery and location make it the "Volunteer Park" of Vancouver...except with sweeping views of the mountains and water. One can easily spend an afternoon taking it all in if this is your sort of thing. It's also a great spot for jogging if your hotel is close enough to it.

Continue on to Davie St. where you will find many of the local gay bars and clubs, as well as some gay owned stores. Pop into Numbers for a drink and acclimate yourself to the area if you intend to partake in the evening activities. This is where you will be bar crawling with the rest of the nightlife. And let me tell you that the kids in Vancouver know how to party. The street scene alone is packed with people on any weekend evening and I expect this to be a blowout week because of Madge and Halloween. We'll do our best to keep you up to date with all activities involving her "Madgesty" including pre and post parties. Check out and for more information and ideas. The city is huge and lots of fun so venture out and create some of your own favorite stops.

By the way, last I checked the Executive Vintage Park Hotel ( downtown still had rooms and limited Madonna Concert Packages still available. The package includes room with jacuzzi bath tub, shuttle transfer on availiblitity to BC Place Stadium (hotel guests only), sparkling white wine for arrival and a Madonna CD for just $269. The accomodations are deluxe and they even have complimentary wine tasting every night.
Let's Go!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Everything Sticky & Sweet: Getting to Vancouver, hotels and restaurant picks

It's Albert from Seattle Gay News. As one of my roommates watches Gossip Girl, I'm beginning our special Madonna blog leading up to Thursday's big show at Vancouver's BC Place Stadium.

Three Seattle Gay News writers - myself, Richard Kennedy, Jessica Price - are heading to Vancouver to capture all the excitement as it happens. We're not only attending the concert, we're cocktailing, shopping, meeting cute Canucks, and joining in on all the fun - like pre and post parties. For those also making the trek to Vancouver, here's information to get you across the border and a short list of hotels and restaurants to check out while you're there.


I'm assuming everyone has transportation to-from Vancouver figured out, but if not Amtrak ( has daily trips from Seattle at 7:30am with arrival at Pacific Central Station at 10:30am. From the station, you can SkyTrain it to downtown or take bus #23 to Davie Village. You can also reserve coach bus seats to Vancouver via Amtrak. If wanting to carpool, post an ad on Craigslist in the "Community/rideshare" section. A valid passport is the best documentation to have on-hand when entering and exiting Canada, though a birth certificate-photo ID combo works too.


There are lots of hotels in Vancouver to fit everybody's budget, from Best Western to the Four Seasons. But being a frequent visitor to the city, here are four that I highly recommend.

Opus Hotel ( is an upscale boutique property located in the Yaletown district with the closest proximity to BC Place Stadium of the four mentioned here. Opus designed its rooms around fictional characters that represent various people in our society, like an outgoing gay male who regularly mixes business with pleasure in Vancouver. Colorfully decorated rooms, comfy beds, large walk-in showers, chic lobby, and style in every corner makes Opus a desired address for A-list celebrities and touring musicians.

Executive Hotel Vintage Park ( is the hotel of choice by one Seattle Gay News writer during his Material Girl-Vancouver stay. Centered in the downtown financial sector, a quick zip via SkyTrain or taxi to the concert venue, this lush property is expressing itself by offering a Madonna Concert Package for $269 + $20 tax per additional person that includes a room with Jacuzzi, shuttle transfer to the stadium (per availability), sparkling white wine upon arrival, and a CD copy of Hard Candy. You'll hear more about this hotel in the following days.

Pacific Palisades ( is South Beach meets Pacific Northwest, or splashy meets natural. A member of the gay-friendly Kimpton Hotels chain, Palisades is home to the twice-held Ginch Gonch underwear pool party during Vancouver Pride. It's fun, it's cool, it's a blend of two complete opposite worlds, and it's in the heart of the city's shopping mecca, Robson Street. What I really love about this property is its sidestreet entrance, allowing my impromptu late night guests to arrive and depart with a bit of discretion.

Metropolitan Hotel ( is an older property within walking distance to many downtown restaurants and nightlife spots. A lot of gay men stayed here during Pride, enjoying the hotel's indoor pool, hot tub and fitness room looking out to the bustling streets below. The rooms are spacious with big flatscreen TVs, good-sized restrooms, cozy armchairs, and plenty of drawers to place multiple outfits in. And the beds are fabulous!


Cactus Club Cafe
( in the Bentall 5 Centre has become a quick personal favorite and an extremely popular dining attraction for locals and downtown visitors. Opened earlier this year, as part of a Canadian restaurant chain, this place is trendy, sexy, reasonably priced, and the hottest destination for cocktails or a cold pint of regional beer. Mounted flatscreen TVs treat guests to American baseball, Canadian football (yes, there is such a thing), and other sporting events. The food, such as pistachio-encrusted halibut and mouthwatering burgers, is top notch with some items created for Cactus Club by celebrity chef Rob Feenie. There are several locations, but the Bentall restaurant is where it's at.

Italian Kitchen ( on Alberni Street, minutes from the cluster of hotels and clothing shops, is a newer restaurant with beautiful-looking servers who parade throughout as if it were a Prada runway. The ambiance is warm and sultry, and the food is out of this world. Suggested eats include spaghetti and Kobe meatballs, risotto of the day, fusilli funghi, and the incredible, heaping "meat platter" that is a carnivore's dream come true. Seriously, we ate so much that no room was left for dessert, which I presume was just as delicious.

Stepho's Souvlaki Greek Taverna (no website, 1124 Davie Street) is a well-known dining instution in the West End district of Vancouver, doorsteps away from the gay bars. There's always a line to get in, but surprisingly you'll be seated within 20 to 30 minutes upon arrival. My friends and I ate here during Pride and licked our fingers at how good it was, plus the portions were fit for a king. The beef souvlaki platter was mounted with meat kabobs, warm rice, golden potatoes, veggies, traditional Greek sauces, and a slice of pita bread. A total bang for your American buck!

Everything Sticky & Sweet: Madonna special coverage on the way

Seattle Gay News is headed to Vancouver, British Columbia this week for Madonna's sold out performance, her first Northwest appearance since 1997.

Three writers will make the journey up north for the big event, and we're taking you with us - sort of. We'll attempt to capture the excitement as it unfolds in Vancouver, tapping into the city's vibe on the day of show and attending pre-show parties before the Material Girl hits the stage. We'll then give you a first-account reaction after Madonna's performance from three different viewpoints - 7th and 14 rows, and upper stadium section.

Leading up to Thursday's event, we'll also provide hotel, restaurant, visitor attractions, and cocktail spot recommendations for those joining us in Vancouver.

Our special blog coverage of Madonna's Sticky & Sweet tour kicks off tonight. Get into the groove, eh!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Against Me! interviews with Seattle Gay News

Cool rock bands? Love them. Hot lead singers in cool rock bands? Love them more.

Seattle Gay News is pleased to feature a one-on-one interview with Tom Gabel, sexy frontman of punk rock outfit Against Me! The Florida-based quartet's major label debut New Wave was named Best Album of 2007 by Spin magazine and produced two big singles, "Thrash Unreal" and "White People for Peace". They're currently on tour, arriving in Seattle on October 24 for a performance at The Showbox Market ( - their first appearance in the Jet City since last year's Capitol Hill Block Party.

Gabel, who launched his music career as a solo act, spoke to Seattle Gay News via email during a recent tour break in the Midwest. Find out what his favorite childhood Halloween costume was, the most common items lost on the road, and which tunes he'd spin at a party if he were the DJ.

Grab a copy of Seattle Gay News on October 24, or read it online over the weekend (click on "The Music Lounge" tab), and get a front row view of Against Me!'s Tom Gabel.

Photo by Ryan Russel for Warner Bros. Records (Gabel second from left).

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Linda Ronstadt talks to Seattle Gay News on October 17

Music legend Linda Ronstadt phoned in recently to Seattle Gay News from her home in San Jose, California to speak about her past accomplishments, future recording plans, and appreciation for gay culture. The Arizona-born diva has enjoyed a long and successful career that boasts 10 Grammy Awards, multi platinum-certified albums, sold out tours, and collaborations with Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris, Aaron Neville, James Ingram, and Ann Savoy. To date, she has recorded music in various genres, including pop, rock, country, folk, and Spanish language.

Grab a copy of Seattle Gay News on October 17 and get closer to the one, the only Linda Ronstadt - who kicks off her "Romantic Evening in Old Mexico" tour at the Paramount Theatre on October 23. The interview will upload onto our website,, on Saturday morning.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Seattle cluster of Gay men with multi-drug resistant HIV strain

Nine Seattle gay men with high risk sexual activity have been found to have multi-drug resistant HIV transmissions.

From AIDS Map:

Investigators in Seattle have reported a cluster of nine HIV infections involving resistance to multiple drugs from all the three main classes of antiretrovirals. The report is published in the October 1st edition of the Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes.

Seven of the nine men were newly diagnosed with HIV, the other two men had chronic HIV infection and were receiving antiretroviral therapy. One of these cases appears to involve superinfection during antiretroviral therapy that had been suppressing viral load to undetectable levels.